Five best features of One UI 5.0 that you must try

Samsung’s One UI is undoubtedly the most applaudable and useful UI among all others. A few months ago, Samsung officially launched the 5th generation of it, the One UI 5.0. It has brought an absolute evolution in this league that increases its materiality even more with the help of its numerous essential features. Today, we will tell you about the top 5 best features of One UI 5.0, which are must-try, so let’s start now. 

One UI 5: A Quick Tour 

Let us tell you that the One UI 5 was introduced back in October in the SDC 2022. Currently, Android 13-based One UI 5.0 has reached nearly every eligible Galaxy device, excluding a few. Not only that, but the company has completed the development of its updated version One UI 5.1 also, which will make its official debut on February 1st with the upcoming Galaxy S23 series launch. 

Notably, the One UI 5 has got various customizable abilities, which are helpful for getting a more personalized experience. Apart from this, the update has also brought some security and privacy-related features with it. However, It is still not it for the One UI 5, so if you know more about the One UI 5.0 or the upcoming One UI 5.1, click on them to reach our previous One UI 5/5.1 dedicated articles. 

Five must-use features of One UI 5.0

Because the One UI 5 has too much to offer, it is obvious that the users may be unaware of many of them. To help you, today we are providing the information regarding the 5 top-most features of the One UI 5, which are indeed helpful and essential too. These features are listed below- 

Security and Privacy

A device’s or its user’s security is the topmost priority of any manufacturer. Hence, Samsung has emerged some new security and privacy-related features to the One UI 5 update. Notably, with this new update, you can find an overview of your device’s security under the Security and Privacy Menu of Settings. It will also provide suggestions to make your device even more securer than the present. Speaking frankly, now you no longer have to check each element individually. 

Lock Screen

Every one of us wants that our devices look exactly as we need; therefore, the One UI 5 is the most helpful element due to its customizable properties. If you are also willing to have a more personalized experience on your device, the One UI 5’s lock screen customization abilities will be useful to you. With them, you can easily customize your device’s Lock Screen with various elements. The main thing is the new widgets for customizing the Clocks. 

Smart Suggestions

The most eye-stealing feature of the One UI 5 is its Smart Suggestion widget. This widget shows you different content every day, which will be based on your daily use. It shows you the often-used apps and recently-used apps, which will be helpful for you to find the app you are looking for, which will depend on your frequent usage pattern. Overall, this widget is indeed helpful. However, there is an issue with it because it doesn’t show the One UI 5 icon, which you have set with the Color Palette. 

Text From Photo

Now, this may not sound like a big deal, but it is helpful in an important way. As we all know, it always makes an issue when we have to type something by looking at an image. It becomes a mess for us to look at the image every next second while typing. In that case, One UI 5’s this ‘Text From Photo’ feature will be proven as an advantage for you because it lets you select the fonts/text of an image and copy it. However, it is already available in the One UI 4.1.1, which requires Bixby Vision to use it. 


Standen is a user-friendly development of Bixby Routines, so it is obvious it will be helpful to enhance its utility. Notably, a new ‘Standings’ option has appeared on top of the notification panel, between the quick settings of the quick panel. Coming to the ‘Modes’ of Bixby Routines, which lets you set various modes in your device, this new option will provide an even extended menu for it. The only thing you have to do is to put your finger on it for a while, and it will let you set more complex routines.

Nota bene, these are only five top-most features of One UI 5, but if you determine to explore more features, you can check here our previous article, in which we have mentioned a wider list of One UI 5’s features. 

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