Galaxy S10 Lite and Note10 Lite devices are out of getting the One UI 5.1?

The hype of Android 13-based One UI 5.1’s arrival is good enough to know the desire of Galaxy users to get Samsung’s new software elements. But, when a device is out of the eligible list for an update, it disappoints its user. The same is currently happening with the Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite users because it seems both of these devices are out to get the One UI 5.1. Let’s find out if it is true or not. 

Informatively, the South Korean firm is currently performing the testing of the One UI 5.1. Clues of it for various flagship and midrange devices such as Galaxy S22S21S20S20 FE, Z Flip4Z Fold4A53 5G, and A73 5G have also been found, but no trace appeared for the S10 Lite and Note10 Lite devices. Resultantly, it is assumed that the company is not planning to provide the One UI 5.1 to them. 

Restricting the One UI 5.1 to reaching those Android-13 booted Galaxy devices, even after planning for the mid-rangers too, the company surely have its some of its own reasons. As per our assumption, because both these devices are merely older than those eligible mid-rangers, their hardware may not support such heavy updates. That may be the reason for those devices not getting this upcoming update. 

Will One UI 5.1 available for Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite?

However, there is a possibility that both these devices, Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite, will still get the One UI 5.1 update but with some limitations. For example, a few days ago, Samsung rolled out an update of the first One UI 5.1 feature, Camera Controller Zooming for Galaxy Watch 5. In its changelog, it mentioned its supported devices, in which the S10 Lite and Note10 Lite weren’t included. It clearly shows that these will not get this new feature, and there may be some others as well, which also will not reach those devices.

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