Samsung, Microsoft, and Google users are at risk

As technology is spreading its legs and developing rapidly day by day, the risk of digital threats is also increasing. One such case came to light recently because the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has detected numerous vulnerabilities or risks. These have been detected on Samsung’s Galaxy Store app, Microsoft app, and Google Chrome.

Notably, these vulnerabilities can provide unauthorized access to your device to the attacker, which can cause major security violations and take control of your device. Having control over one’s device means laying a hand on their ‘personal data’, which can lead to data stealing and more. Hence, these vulnerabilities have been named as highly risky and should be treated immediately.

Let us tell you, in Samsung’s case, the Galaxy Store app before version is in danger. These detented vulnerabilities can allow the user to install unwanted apps or malicious app versions and let them run arbitrary codes in the device. Thankfully, as per CERT-In, these aren’t detected on Android 13 booted devices, so we suggest you update your device with the latest OS version and the same with the application too.

Besides Samsung, Google Chrome and some of Microsoft’s applications have also detected these vulnerabilities. For Google Chrome applications, versions before 109.0.5414.119/.120 on Windows and versions before 109.0.5414.119 on Mac or Linux are at risk. This malware can let the attacker gain access to sensitive data of one’s device. To prevent it, we recommend you update Chrome to the latest version soon.

In Microsoft’s manner, the apps used by businesses for communication or productivity are under the risk category, in which Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Apps, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Visio, and Microsoft Tools are included. This problem could be prevented by downloading the security updates provided by the company.

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