Samsung promises to give Android updates upto Android 17 and 5-year security patches till 2028 for Galaxy S23 Series

Samsung is undoubtedly doing appreciative work in software departments, the company has previously made a policy to give four Android updates and five-year security updates for the devices which were released after the official announcements, and later the Korean giant followed this strictly and provided the updates to the eligible devices till now.

Samsung promises Android 17 for Galaxy S23 series

As per the recent developments, we have already guessed that the Galaxy S23 devices will be the first device to be eligible for the Android 17 updates, and the same is happening now.

With the launching of Galaxy S23 devices, Samsung has officially announced that it will give four Android updates for the device, starting with Android 14 upto the Android 17. The company has also promised to give five-year security updates till 2028; for starters, the security updates are a kind of device maintenance update that improves the device’s performance and strengthen its security.

However, all the Android updates will depend on Google. As you know, Samsung is very careful with its flagship devices, so as soon as google releases any new Android update, the Korean giant will quickly provide the same Android update with its new One UI skin.

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