What’s new in the Galaxy S23 Ultra from its predecessor

As always, Samsung now comes with its new generation S series device, now Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy device through the unpacked event yesterday, i.e. Galaxy S23. Last year Samsung combined its two successful lines together, the Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note, and we got the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the ultimate flagship phone that basically had every feature you could imagine. Taking the legacy ahead, the company has now launched the revolutionary Device Galaxy S23 Ultra.

However, let’s look at the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It looks similar to the previous Ultra model, it comes with the same signature sharp corners, and you still have the familiar S Pen and that impressive 10X optical zoom camera.

Let’s talk about the new specs of the Galaxy S23 Ultra device


The Galaxy S23 Ultra brings improvements in the hardware and carries the flagship tag with it. If we talk about this year’s highlighted improvements, it’s none other than a camera upgrade; the device will come with a new 200-megapixel main camera which promises the finest quality of photos and amazing night shots. The device comes with a camera setup- 200MP main camera with 23mm f/1.7, 12 MP ultra-wide with 13mm f/2.2, 10MP 3X Zoom with 69mm f/2.4, 10MP 10X periscope Zoom with 230mm f/4.9 and a 12 MP front camera. This time company has focussed on night photography which enhanced the low-light camera performance.


The Galaxy S23 is powered by a new snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, and Samsung is using the higher clock speed chip specially designed for the Galaxy S23 devices; it is also worth noticing that Samsung has ditched its self-made processor, the Exynos from its Flagship lineup phones because in the predecessor flagship device this processor making heating issues and lagging the devices, that’s why the Galaxy S23 devices are only available with Snapdragon processors.


As the Galaxy S23 Ultra device will come with a big camera module of 200MP and will give you the best quality, it is obvious that these photos will cover more space, so Samsung has decided to give double storage from the base variant and has a top variant with 1 TB, as 8GB+ 256, 12GB+512GB and 12GB +1TB variants.

Operating System

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will get four major Android upgrades up to Android 17 and five years of security patches up to 2028. While the Galaxy S22 Ultra will go up to Android 16.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy S23 is an enhanced version of Qualcomm’s chip

After analysing the all-new specs, we have concluded that the Galaxy S23 device will be a revolutionary device in photography and will give you unbeatable performance as compared to other devices available in the market, as always this S series phone will rule over the devices this year, however, if all these views are true for only S23 Ultra device because other devices do not have this much camera specs, but still you can enjoy the performance as all three devices have same 8 Gen 2 processor.

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  1. Regardless of their so called new features or improvements, Samsung is soo friging pathetic !!!! Even Apple is putting 1 TB variant phones in carrier stores, and Samsung is being jack asses by trying to monopolize this concept!!!! Put them in carrier stores with 1 tb variants or lose your customers to Apple !!!!!!!


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