Samsung TV Plus brings some new channels in Australia

Samsung has introduced some new channels for its Samsung TV Plus service; it includes a Drama Daily and one dedicated to the TV game show Deal or No Deal. Before discussing these channels in detail, let’s take a tour of the Samsung TV Plus.

What is Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus delivers a video service to everyone, it has a big list of channels to watch, and there is a lot of content available for every type of person, like Foodies, sports lovers, gamers, news buffs, and more, you can enjoy the live content as well.

Samsung TV is making steady growth

Samsung is one of the popular companies that believe in connecting to people by making their lives better through its products, whether hardware or software; the company is giving tough competition to the established companies in their genre; the Samsung Tv Plus is the best example, where the company has no previous experience but still expanding very rapidly in the market, according to the information, Samsung TV Plus Australia has successfully reported 38% growth in monthly active users, the viewership is also increased by 61%.

New channels

To maintain stable growth, Samsung has recently introduced some new channels, including Drama Daily and a dedicated game show, Deal or No Deal. The Drama Daily features several suspense-filled shows like ER, Cold Case, and guardian the Deal or No Deal with a dedicated channel.

Samsung TV Plus provides more than 90 channels that are popular in Australia and previously available on other popular brands such as Bloomberg TV, Bondi vet, ITV Choice, and more. There are some exclusive channels as well that are owned and operated by Samsung.

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