Samsung One UI 5.1 released: Why you should or not install this update

Samsung’s new One UI 5.1 update has been released and has already started to reach other eligible Galaxy devices as well. As the update is based on top Android version 13, all the devices with this Android version in them will be eligible for this update. The main discussion regarding this is whether we should install it or not. If you are also wondering about it, you can find the answer here. 

As we are going to talk about whether to install the newly launched One UI 5.1 update on your device or not, to find an answer, we will lend you some reasons why you should and why not. So, let’s get started. 

One UI 5.1: Why you should install One UI 5.1 

Samsung’s new One UI 5.1 update has a lot to offer, including features, improvements, and modifications. Informatively, the update has new options in the field of Camera, Gallery, AR Zone and AR Emojis, Widgets, Modes & Routines, Connectivity, Multitasking, and Samsung DeX. Besides, the update has also brought some minor changes, like a modified Edge Panel and new Contact Widgets, which aren’t included in the changelog. 

One UI 5.1 update for all US Carrier-locked and Unlocked models

Out of all of them, some major offerings of the One UI 5.1 are- Bixby Text Call feature is now in English, now you can choose where to save screenshots, and a Collaboration in Samsung Notes option, with which you can create a note that can be edited by several peoples at the same time. As the number of novelties is huge, explaining all of them in this article is tough. Albeit, you can check them here in our previous dedicated articles. 

One UI 5.1: Why you should drop the idea of installing it

The One UI 5.1 update undoubtedly has various advantageous features, but the issues/problems this update is causing are also unignorable. As per the reports, One UI 5.1 is showing various bug issues, including network problems. The update is even missing some features, which is disappointing the users. The major issue with this additional update is related to the device’s battery. 

Samsung One UI 5.1 Roadmap

As per the latest report, many users, after installing the One UI 5.1 update on their devices, are dealing with battery-draining issues lately. Many users have shared on Reddit and the community that their device’s battery life isn’t responding as before. Because better battery life is the main element of any device, having issues with it is unacceptable for us. So, we are suggesting you wait till Samsung finds a solution for it.

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