Galaxy Z Fold 5 without S-Pen: Samsung to prioritize weight and size

As we know, Samsung every year launches two high-end smartphone series- the Galaxy S series and Galaxy Z foldable series. This year’s first big reveal of the Galaxy S23 series has done already, and now everyone’s eyes are on the year’s second biggest reveal of the upcoming foldable device. Rumors about the Galaxy foldable started to join the talks, and now there is another clue found out about it. So, let’s take a look at it.

Previously, many reports came to the fore which suggested that the upcoming Galax Z Fold 5 device will get an in-built S Pen slot in it. It surely brought happiness to many users’ faces, as they no longer need to worry about losing their S Pen after getting a fixed and securer place to keep it. Unfortunately, this incredible idea seems to be dropped for now. Let’s know the reason behind it. 

Let us inform you on 19th Feb, the industry revealed that the South Korean firm had ditched the idea of the in-built S Pen in their next-gen foldable (Z Fold 5). It seems that the decision has been taken by looking at the problem of securing internal space. However, a built-in S Pen slot is possible, but if we insert the S Pen, the device will be thicker, which will be a disadvantage as the foldable needs to be slimmer while folded.

Besides, there is an option to make the S Pen itself thinner to maintain the device’s slimness, but making the S Pen thin will reduce its writing abilities, which is said to be the main purpose of the S Pen. Informatively, the slot will be linked to the hinge, which sure is a technical hurdle and a tough task in its building. This new design will not only is tough to build but will be costlier too, which is not a good point. 

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By looking at all of these consequences and issues, the company is decided to develop a technology for making the S Pen thin without compromising its writing quality. Later on, after achieving this milestone, we can get to see the Galaxy Z Fold device with an in-built S Pen.

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