The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold May Come With Dedicated S-Pen Slot

Samsung is undoubtedly the ideal manufacturer of foldable devices. Its Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip series of smartphones are the most popular range all across the world. Samsung now aims to provide an inbuilt S-Pen slot to its future Galaxy Z foldable devices. With this slot, the S-Pen will be more handy and easy to find. 

In the South Korean market, the company shared that youth in their 20s and 30s are switching their device from Apple to Samsung Foldables, and that rate increased three to four times as compared to before. The company expects the foldable smartphone market to grow 80% annually by 2025. 

Besides this, It is also expected that Apple may also join the foldable space by 2024. But they may not start with smartphones; instead, they will try their hand at notebooks and tablets first. The company landed that information during a meeting held on the third week of October 2022; Samsung MX conducted that. 

Samsung is working to introduce the S Pen slot in its foldable

Previously, Samsung used to provide then S Pen support in its Note series devices only, but after its drop, the company stopped providing it in its devices. By last year, the company again introduced the S Pen support with its S and Z series devices. So now they are working to introduce the in-built S Pen slot to its upcoming Z series foldable devices, as it has mandatory space for it.

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