Experience the future with Samsung’s new Galaxy S23 Series at MWC 2023

The largest and most influential connectivity event, ‘ Mobile World Congress 2023’ (MWC 2023), will be held in Barcelona, Spain, on February 27th, 2023, according to the local time. In this event, the South Korean giant Samsung Electronics will showcase its newly-arrived Galaxy S23 series in the Galaxy Experience zone. They have organized various exhibition booths so visitors can experience the device and its features easily. 

Informatively, Samsung Electronics has set up a 1745 m² large Galaxy exhibition booth based on the 3rd exhibition hall’s center. Besides the Galaxy exhibition, Samsung has set up a 5G network exhibition too, which will target global telecom operators. They are planning to introduce the upcoming networks at the same event, in which the ‘5G virtual base station’, ‘new network chipset lineup,’ and ‘energy saving solution’ are included. 

Let us inform you the South Korean firm will particularly showcase the premium new devices- Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy Book 3 Ultra. Besides, the company has also built a camera studio in the exhibition hall with the concept of a film set with the motif of ‘Outer Space’ and ‘Seoul Night’, so the visitors can experience the Galaxy S23 series’ performance in true aspects and can feel like a film director or photographer. 

In the exhibition, a dedicated gaming space is also available, where you can experience mobile gaming. Besides, Samsung’s other partners, such as QualcommGoogle, and Samsung Display, will also set up their own Galaxy Experience zones in their exhibition booths. All these companies will showcase their products; in particular, Samsung Display will showcase ‘Mobile Display’, and Google will showcase its ‘Android OS.’ 

Samsung Display will set up a different exhibition from Samsung Electronics, on which they will show the UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) and the ‘Dynamic AMOLED 2X’ Display, used in the Galaxy Book 3 Series. In the manner of Google, their Android exhibition will showcase their and Samsung Electronics’ partnership. Here, the visitors will get the ‘hearing aid function’ to experience in real aspects. 

Additionally, Galaxy Watch 5’s camera controller function, Next-generation 5G virtualized RAN, next-gen 64T64R multi-input/output base station (massive MIMO radio), and software-based energy-saving solutions and network automation solutions will be presented, and new high-performance network chip lineup like 5G modem chips and RFIC will also be introduced. 

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