Galaxy Watch 4/5: Download the Watchface of Google Pixel Watch

Since the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung has been using Google’s WearOS in its Galaxy Watch devices; however, not the stock WearOS but with a layer of One UI in it. In Google’s Pixel Watches, they use stock WearOS, which makes them different from the WearOS-booted Galaxy Watches, maybe because of their different Watch Faces. However, you can get a Pixel Watch-like experience in your Galaxy Watch, too, so let’s know how we can do it.

Informatively, what makes the Galaxy Watches (Watch 4 & Watch 5) different from the Pixel Watch is its UI and, most importantly, its watch face. Thankfully, all types of Digital Watch Faces are available on the Google Play Store, which can be experienced by anyone out there to have a Google watch-like look. Notably, Digital Wings has developed Google Pixel Watch watch faces that offer plenty of different options as well, which you can rely on.

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If you are willing to have a Pixel Watch-like experience, you can use this Digital Wings-created Pixel Watch watch face; however, it will cost you $0.85 each. Not only that, but you can even make changes to it at your own will. Notably, it’s not possible to get all the Pixel Watch watch faces in the same app; instead, you can take a look at the developer’s watch faces and can choose which one you want in your Galaxy Watch.

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If we talk about changes, you will be able to change all the appearances, including the dial, colors, and design. But remember one thing, these changes can’t be made through the app, but you can make changes directly through the watch. For better results, all you can do is install the Pixel Watch watch face and make changes to it on your own. Resultantly, you can make your Galaxy Watch look exactly like Google Pixel Watch.

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