Samsung launched Galaxy S23 Bow Wow edition in South Korea

Samsung always launches limited-edition devices for its premium models in collaboration with various famous brands. At present, the Galaxy S23 series is in talks as it is the latest smartphone flagship by Samsung. Recently, Samsung launched a Bow-Wow edition of the Galaxy S23 device in South Korea, which specifically is a puppy-centric smartphone. So, let’s take a look at this limited-edition device.

Let us tell you this Bow-Wow edition Galaxy S23 device is limited to the South Korean region only. The major specification of this limited-edition device is the same as the standard Galaxy S23 device in terms of Camera, Display, and Processor, but it sure got some changes in its UI and other specifications. Let’s know in detail about this limited-edition Bow-Wow-inspired Galaxy S23 device. 

Camera and Selfie

This new limited-edition device is capable of diagnosing diseases such as arthritis, dislocation, and glaucoma and analyzing the body composition just with a single image. As selfies have also evolved now, your Gallery will be filled with memories. 

High-five soles for your own diet

As it is a puppy-centric smartphone, it will provide your puppy’s body nutrition diagnosis when you put his sole jelly on the screen. You can check and personalize the diet of each dog based on the AI’s analysis and suggestions. You can also shop for all the necessary groceries right away at the e-food hall. 

Unlock with Nose Pattern

This device can be unlocked with the puppy’s nose pattern; all they have to do is to touch the tip of the nose to the inscription scanner. 

AI Play Mode

As the device is capable of reading your mind, you can enjoy the play as much as you want with the help of the AI Play mode. The other advantage is if you connect your phone to a drone, you can repeat the “fetch” game endlessly without needing a butler. 

8K Recording

This limited-edition device is capable of recording even while you are asleep, as it has an ultra-high-definition 8K dream recorder. 

Sustainable starlight charging for a starry night

The device has a better-quality battery, so you don’t need to worry while long walks and long trips. When Sun goes down, you can recharge them only with the starlight. 

Bow-Wow UI

As this device is a Bow-Wow-edition device, its UI is also inspired by Bow-Wow. With this UI’s help, you can customize your device’s various details, such as lock screen, theme, widgets, notifications, and more, as it has a custom Bow-Wow interface. 

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