Samsung surprises, now affordable Galaxy devices will also receive 5-year software support [List]

Last year, Samsung made a major announcement recognizing the significance of maintaining up-to-date smartphones. In recent times, customers have also been considering this aspect while selecting their devices. Accordingly, the company revealed that certain models would receive as many as four updates of the Android operating system and five years of security patches.

Samsung surprises by announcing the extended Android OS and security support updates for affordable devices. Recently the Galaxy A24 launch in some market and it will get four Android updates and five years of security updates, which is similar to the flagship devices. This indicates that the company is now focusing on improving the after-sell for low-cost devices as well.

How will it impact you?

Let’s compare the market size of customers who buy flagship devices. There is a large number of users who like to buy affordable smartphones, so Samsung is considering that it will be a very good marketing stunt because nowadays, customers check this parameter as well. If the company expands this policy to other affordable devices so it will be beneficiary to you because then you don’t have to think about future software support and can immediately buy any device according to other specifications.

Regular updates are also important.

For the flagship devices, Samsung provides regular, monthly updates and new Android updates in the initial phase of its availability, but for the other devices, there is no fixed timing; it may take up to two months to reach. But it will be worth seeing whether Samsung makes any changes to the affordable device or not. However, in the race for quick availability of software updates, no one can beat Apple because it rolls out the update to every device as soon as it is available.

List of Galaxy phones that have Camera Assistant App support

The main reason for the slow update rolls out by Samsung is that the company doesn’t make its own OS; it only depends on Google, first Google releases the update, then it handover to Samsung, and then Samsung makes changes and adds some new features through its latest One UI skin and then distribute to different devices, for the flagship device, the company pushes full-fledged version, but for low-end devices, it released a lite version of the UI in the term of the core.

List of all Samsung smartphones that have been promised up to 4 Android updates:

ModelThe original systemIt will be updated on
Galaxy S23Android 13Android 17
Galaxy S23+Android 13Android 17
Galaxy S23 UltraAndroid 13Android 17
Galaxy S22Android 12Android 16
Galaxy S22+Android 12Android 16
Galaxy S22 UltraAndroid 12Android 16
Galaxy S21Android 11Android 15
Galaxy S21+Android 11Android 15
Galaxy S21 UltraAndroid 11Android 15
Galaxy S21 FEAndroid 12Android 16
Galaxy Z Fold4Android 12Android 16
Galaxy Z Flip4Android 12Android 16
Galaxy Z Fold3Android 11Android 15
Galaxy Z Flip3Android 11Android 15
Galaxy Tab S8Android 12Android 16
Galaxy Tab S8+Android 12Android 16
Galaxy Tab S8 UltraAndroid 12Android 16
Galaxy A54Android 13Android 17
Galaxy A34Android 13Android 17
Galaxy A53Android 12Android 16
Galaxy A33Android 12Android 16

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