Android 14: Focused on enhancing privacy and security

Google is preparing to introduce Android 14 this year; to do so, the company has already introduced its testing. The company releases three software updates for its Pixel devices users, including the Android 14 developer preview and developer preview second, and recently it has also released the Android 14 beta 2 version. With all these software updates company has introduced some upcoming features that will enhance the privacy security of your device. Let’s know about them.

In the latest development, it means Android 14 beta 2. Google has included some new privacy and security features that will prevent users’ data from being tracked and also ensure your safety. Here are all the features:

Health Connect: Health Connect is a function that manages all your health data between all your favorite apps. It gives different options to users to control what they want to share with these apps. It will be available for all(preinstalled) Android devices that will install Android 14. You can also experience the functionality of this app now on any Android device as it is currently available on the Google Play store.

Apart from these, Google has also revealed an important feature of this app. It says that Health Connect will be able to track exercise routes, so the users can easily share the accurate location on a visualized map.

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Data sharing updates: With this feature, users will be able to get information about the data shared with apps that are going to any 3rd parties. In other words, generally, we give the location permission to the apps, but then we don’t know if the app is using it only to provide us with a facility or sharing it with any other apps or websites. But with Android 14 it will easily detect the app activities and easily track whether it is sharing the information with other apps. Additionally, users will also get periodic notifications for it. This feature will be accessible from device settings.

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Full-screen intent notifications: Google has designed a full-screen notification for providing important alerts on the user’s device. Now the users will get high-priority notifications on the whole screen. For instance, incoming phone calls or user-configured alarm clocks. The company also said that the full-screen notification is also used for more functions, but as of now, it is limited to only incoming calls and alarms only for the apps.

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