The first beta of the One UI Watch 5 & Wear OS 4 is coming soon

The realm of smartwatches is advancing steadily, with a growing emphasis on user health and well-being. Samsung, a prominent player in the industry, is gearing up to introduce a major upgrade known as One UI Watch 5 for its wearable devices powered by the Wear OS operating system. This forthcoming update is expected to introduce numerous noteworthy enhancements and innovative features, which we will delve into further in the following sections.

Samsung One UI Watch 5 (Wear OS 4) First Beta Update

The first smartwatch expected to feature the new software is likely to be the Galaxy Watch6. However, Samsung intends to offer users of older models, such as the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch5, an opportunity to preview the upcoming firmware. This initiative aligns with the company’s commitment to engaging users in the product development process and enhancing their experience by allowing them to test the firmware before its official release.

Rumors suggest that the official unveiling of the Galaxy Watch 6, accompanied by the introduction of the new One UI Watch 5 software, will potentially occur on July 26 at COEX in South Korea. Additionally, Samsung had previously announced their plan to launch a beta program for One UI Watch 5 on the existing Wear OS Galaxy smartwatches by the end of May.

Wear OS 4-based One UI Watch 5 Beta Program

While we approach the end of May, it is worth considering the possibility of a delay in the beta program launch. As observed last year with the first beta firmware release of One UI Watch 4.5 in early June, followed by the stable version about a month later, the timing can vary. Once the One UI Watch 5 beta becomes accessible, users of Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 can look forward to several notable improvements. These include advanced health features like more accurate sleep tracking, on-watch sleep coaching, enhanced connectivity with SmartThings-enabled devices, and upgraded fitness capabilities, such as personalized heart rate monitoring.

One UI Watch 5 & WearOS 4 Supported Galaxy Watches

Notably, One UI Watch 5 introduces significant updates, particularly in the area of fall detection, which will be as active as it is on Garmin smartwatches, along with an updated SOS system. These additions highlight Samsung’s dedication to user safety, extending beyond conventional fitness and wellness functionalities. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the ECG function of One UI Watch 5 has received approval from the FDA, the U.S. government agency responsible for regulating food and pharmaceuticals. This recognition serves as a significant milestone for Samsung, affirming the quality and reliability of the ECG monitoring feature integrated into their new smartwatches.

At present, we have covered the available information on the upcoming smartwatch operating system; One UI Watch 5. To learn more details and receive updates on this highly anticipated release, we await official announcements from the Korean manufacturer. Stay tuned for future updates that are sure to follow.

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