Samsung opening new executive briefing Networks Innovation Center

At its corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas, Samsung has opened the doors of its brand-new innovation and briefing center. The Samsung Networks Innovation Centre will offer an “interactive and collaborative space for Samsung’s customers and partners to explore technologies that are particularly interesting to mobile operators and businesses, such as Virtualized Radio Access Networks (vRAN), Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), and private networks”, according to Christine Nelson, senior manager of Samsung Networks Business, in a press meet.

The new briefing center is committed to giving visitors an opportunity to look at Samsung’s network products. These demonstrations highlight Samsung’s cutting-edge 5G network technology and their contribution to next-generation services and applications. The facility also promotes practical cooperation between partners and clients, including a dedicated on-site testing lab to work together on new network innovations and solutions.

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Visitors can see a demonstration of how vRAN technology offers carriers the promise of improved operational efficiency and flexibility to meet the enterprise’s 5G needs. In other demos, visitors can explore various scenarios of network technologies powering FWA. Detailed videos of the company’s virtualized Core(vCore) solutions and Network Services have been featured there, while a Radio Access Network (RAN) wall displays various indoor and outdoor network products.

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The visitors can take part in a digital twin AR experience within an individual workplace. The entire Samsung network innovation center can be summarised as a visual workplace experience.

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