Samsung concerned for security and privacy – more than 40% Gen Zers use similar passwords

Being a leading mobile manufacturer, Samsung always has a concern about users’ security and privacy. Samsung knows its importance in recognizing security and privacy policies.

In today’s world, where everything revolves around online, it is important to have control over our cybersecurity. Many users misunderstood this statement and used the same passwords for their apps, phones, and various accounts. Samsung states this is not a smart thing to do.

More than 1000 people across the United States have been involved in a poll survey, and the results gave shocking news that 40% of Z Generation people among them use the same password for their multiple accounts and improving the chances of phishing attacks. This poll also revealed another concern that only very few people remove photos that contain private information.

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Sharing unencrypted files and not properly managing the app settings is like paying the way for data theft. Using work documents and highly confidential job information on your personal devices will have a negative impact on your job career, and this survey found 60% of people owe this among all. According to the source, Samsung Newsroom provided solutions for these issues include.

Samsung Knox’s proprietary security and management framework ensures that confidential and sensitive data stays safe at every layer of Samsung Galaxy devices. Security and privacy dashboard, with this, you can view if any intruding apps access your system and act as a mobile bouncer.

Samsung Knox Vault protects your phone at every level by keeping the main information separate from the main Operating System. Thereby adapting these, one can make themselves away from security and privacy concerns and strengthen up their security and enhance digital presence.

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