Samsung Electronics signs a ‘Net Zero Home’ cooperation partnership with SolarEdge

Samsung has its own designed energy production monitor technology as SmartThings energy; in other words, the service can be able to accurately gives data about the energy produced through home solar panels and batteries, and it is also capable to controls the home appliances to reduce energy consumption on their own with the help of built-in AI.

This technology is attracting the solar power companies towards it, which is why the Korean giant has already joined hands with some companies, including SMA, Hanwha Q Cells, and Maxeon, and now it s joining hands with the world’s number one inverter company which is founded in Europe.

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The partnership is signed with the aim of net zero home devices, which aim to design products that release low environmental carbon. From the end of this month, Samsung will also provide information on carbon intensity by the hour in SmartThings Energy. On joining hands with SolarEdge, Samsung’s electronic vice president of the home appliances division stated —-

“Through our partnership with SolarEdge, a leading global residential solar energy company, we have further expanded our foothold to expand the ‘net zero home’.” We will make efforts to reduce energy use more easily and conveniently and practice sustainability in everyday life.”

For your information, Carbon intensity refers to the amount of carbon emitted when 1 kWh of electricity is consumed, and consumers can experience carbon emission reduction through the predicted carbon emission value for each product and participate in carbon reduction by selecting a period with relatively low carbon intensity.

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To encourage the reduction in power usage in the peak hour, Samsung is expanding the ‘Demand Respoce service”; under this service, the company will provide incentives for local governments to voluntarily. The company also plans to expand the service to other parts of the words as well. To do so, Samsung will showcase SmartThings energy and Eco Heating System at “Intersolar,” which will run from 14th to 16th.

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