Samsung launches 2023 Smart Monitor Lineup M7 and M8 in Malaysia

The Smart Monitors M8 and M7, models numbered M80C and M70C, were just released, according to the official announcement by Samsung Malaysia today. Samsung claims that these most recent monitors are available to consumers at a reduced cost. The new M8 and M7 allow customers to customize their monitors according to their individual tastes and needs as they watch, play, and work. Samsung offers these monitors at a discounted price, but this is a limited-period offer promotion with up to RM700 off until July 9, 2023; these monitors are now available for RM3588 and RM2788, respectively.

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With the adaptation of particular technology, your lifestyle can be drastically improved in this fast-paced modernized world where work and pleasure merge with each other. A smart monitor is a key component in a crucial advanced technological environment. The M8 and M7 versions, which measure about 11.39mm, are very thin and come with a unique Iconic Slim Design. Additionally, the screen can tilt 90 degrees, which reduces the strain of scrolling down lengthy files. The Warm White color variant is an option for both the M8 and M7 models, which both have UHD resolution and 400 nits or 300 nit brightness, respectively.

With 4K resolution, HDR 10+[1], and 400 nits of brightness, the M8 provides bright and vibrant images, which in turn offers the finest smart entertainment. Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube can be easily accessed via Smart Hub for M8 users. Both the M8 and M7 also feature color coverage of up to 99% sRGB color gamut, which allows the users to fully immerse themselves in their favorite world of entertainment along with an improved audio-visual feast.

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Wireless connection of M8 is possible with its magnetic and detachable camera avoiding separate purchases. A video conferencing function and FHD resolution are supported by its SlimFit camera. With an update to MultiView, users can now utilize Microsoft 365 and the Browser app in full-screen mode, which also makes the transition between applications simpler. The remote is no longer necessary for users to manage their viewing preferences. Smart monitor M8 will come with an In-Box (Slim Fit Camera), and M7 will have a Compatible camera(Pogo-ready).

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