Samsung’s Vision for Dominating the 2nm Mobile Chip Market

Being a global pioneer in cutting-edge semiconductor technology, Samsung Electronics, at their 7th edition of the annual Samsung Foundry Forum (SFF) 2023, presented its most recent foundry technological advances and corporate strategy. “Innovation Beyond Boundaries,” was the subject that was focused on Samsung Foundry. It aims to meet customer demands through cutting-edge semiconductor technology in this Artificial Intelligence (AI) era. On June 28, Samsung will host its next forum, Samsung Advanced Foundry Ecosystem, with “Accelerating the Speed of Innovation” being the main subject.

Performance levels and plans for the mass manufacturing of their 2nm technology were revealed by Samsung. Mass manufacturing for mobile applications will begin in 2025 using the 2nm technique before moving on to HPC and automotive in 2026 and 2027, respectively. As for 8-inch gallium nitride (GaN), the manufacturing firm will initiate providing foundry services for power semiconductors in 2025, in accordance with the data center and automotive applications. In comparison to the 3nm process (SF3), the 2nm technology (SF2) has a 12% boost in performance, a 25% gain in power efficiency, and a 5% drop in area.

Samsung Chip Division Back in Action: Approves First Investment in Half a Year

From the event, it is clearly evident that Samsung intends to start mass-producing foundry goods for smartphones and other applications in the second part of the year at Pyeongtaek Line 3. And another main priority of Samsung is to increase its production capacity in the US. The Shell-First approach aims to satisfy customer demands in a more enhanced way. By creating a packaging technology environment for both the 2.5D and 3D Heterogeneous Integration, the MDI Alliance, which is the collaboration between Samsung and its partner companies, is at the forefront of innovation in stacking technology.

The in-depth knowledgeable nine DSP partners of Samsung Foundry processes and nine Cloud partners deliver product design services to every client, from startups to global heavyweights, on behalf of Samsung. Further, Dr. Siyoung Choi, President and Head of Foundry Business addressed, “Samsung Foundry has always met customer needs by being ahead of the technology innovation curve, and today, we are confident that our gate-all-around (GAA)-based advanced node technology will be instrumental in supporting the needs of our customers using AI applications.”

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