Samsung shared June 2023 Camera and Gallery features changelog with model compatibility

Samsung’s remarkable triumph in the smartphone industry relies not solely on the sturdy craftsmanship and technical prowess of its devices but also on the software support provided by the Korean giant’s team of developers.

In this regard, Samsung deserves commendation for its consistent device updates and continuous enhancement of the user experience through the introduction of innovative features.

Packed with camera enhancements, the June 2023 update for the Galaxy S23 series showcased Samsung’s commitment to continual progress. However, the company’s pursuit of excellence continues. In fact, Samsung has recently confirmed the changelog of June 2023 camera and gallery updates for older high-end phones.

Samsung Camera and Gallery Features

An important update regarding Samsung smartphones has emerged from South Korea. On the official forum, the manufacturer has unveiled a list of features for the Camera and Gallery apps that are set to be introduced to models that have been on the market for a considerable period.

Samsung One UI 6.0 & Android 14 update schedule

The Samsung Community moderator responsible for camera updates has divulged a comprehensive feature list encompassing camera and gallery functionalities. The list also includes features are currently rolling out for the corresponding Galaxy phones slated to receive them.

1. Added a zoom icon to allow you to shoot 2x in Portrait mode and improved clarity when shooting 3x in low light.
We selected a support model in consideration of the characteristics of the sensor and AP performance to improve picture quality.
▶ Supported models : S23 series

2. Added a feature to delete video clips from motion photos from the gallery at once.
▷ Gallery > Top View > Select Motion Photo from Photo Type > Select Photo > More Menu > Delete Video Clip
▶ Supported models: S22/S21/S20/N20 series, Z Fold4/Fold3/Fold2, Z Flip4/Flip3/Flip5G/Flip (SW update soon)

3. Added a feature to correct the distortion of the most in-a-s-s-where person in an image taken with a wide-angle lens in the photo remaster.
▶ Supported models: S22/S21/S20/N20 series, Z Fold4/Fold3/Fold2, Z Flip4/Flip3/Flip5G/Flip (SW update soon)

4. Added the ability to correct distortion of the person in the most place on the screen when shooting 1x to 1.5x zoom with a wide-angle lens in photo mode.
We selected a support model considering AP performance for person segmentation, correction position calculation, and Warping processing.
▶ Supported models : S23 series
※ Other models are supported through Photo Remaster, Enhance-X.

5. Camera Assistant has been added with the ability to turn off the optimal pixel automatic change function (Adaptive Pixel) depending on the characteristics and brightness environment of the landscape when shooting in high-pixels.
This feature will only support models (S23 series) with optimal pixel auto-change.
▷ Camera Assistant > Adaptive Pixel > On/Off
▶ Supported models : S23 series

6. Improved intermittent HDR compositing errors when shooting under backlight conditions after selecting speed first in Camera Assistant.
▷ Camera Assistant > Shooting Speed > Speed First Choice

7. Improved short range clarity when shooting 0.6x Super Steady on the S23 Ultra.

8. Optimized for the photo mode preview to move smoothly when moving the terminal left and right in low light.

9. Improved color and sky expressiveness when shooting in high-aler height in photo mode.

10. Optimized to minimize color change when switching lenses from Wide to Tele on a specific monochrome background.

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