Samsung Chip Division Back in Action: Approves First Investment in Half a Year

The top decision-making body of Samsung Electronics had used the phrase “investment” in the management committee for the first time in six months since November, when it authorized memory chip investment. After studying market trends, Samsung Electronics determined that this measure was the right time to make an investment.

Based on the improvement in semiconductor exports, the export situation with China, and the assessment that inflation is progressively stabilizing, a government-funded research agency has published a report claiming that the domestic economy is projected to strike the bottom and revive shortly. Along with Taiwan’s TSMC, Samsung is one of just two businesses with the capacity to produce cutting-edge semiconductors that are needed in cutting-edge technologies.

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However, the scarcity looks to be over as a result of high inflation rates and concerns of a global recession lowering demand at a time when producers have been stockpiling goods. The Composite Consumer Sentiment Index (CCSI) rose to 98 percentage points in the earlier month, closing to the benchmark of 100. Additionally, the consumer price index slowed down.

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Earlier, Samsung reported its lowest quarterly profit since 2014 and said macroeconomic uncertainty would make a tough first half this year, though it expects demand to start recovering in the second half. The Semiconductor industry will continue to be impacted by poor demand and inventory adjustments in the first quarter, while demand for smartphones is expected to decrease year over year owing to the global economic slowdown, according to Samsung.

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