Samsung Pay Could Get a Major Upgrade For Better NFC Support

Samsung Pay, like an NFC-enabled card, employs NFC Technology to communicate credit or debit card information to an NFC-enabled payment terminal. The NFC Forum, the primary standards body for Near Field Communications(NFC) technology, today announced the release of its Technology Roadmap, which details important initiatives and research efforts through 2028. A panel of Forum senior experts delivered the Technology Roadmap at a public webcast on June 27, 2023, at 9.00 am Eastern.

The present NFC Wireless Charging standard provides up to 1 watts of electricity, which can be extended to 3 watts. This change can provide wireless power and charge to newer and small form factors. NFC connections are now restricted to a 50mm range; the NFC Forum’s new roadmap intends to improve the range of NFC four to six times above the current level. This indicates that in the near future, it will be able to work up to the 30mm range. This function allows people to make payments without their smartphones and the PoS terminal touching each other. This makes antenna alignment more usable by reducing the accuracy needed.

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Enables contactless user experience by allowing them to do several operations in a single tap. Use cases include Point-to-point receipt distribution and loyalty identification. Designed to enable NFC-enabled smartphones to have SoftPOS capabilities allowing the users to accept payments anywhere. Enabling NFC for data communication about a product’s composition and its recycling method can help users in fulfilling their needs and regulatory obligations. Following lengthy conversations with commercial and technical stakeholders, it was concluded that roadmap creation assists in raising awareness and interest in this effort. With high hopes, it is expected that through NFC-enabled smartphones, users can charge their Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds other than wireless charging.

“The exponential growth of NFC technology is a testament to our members’ forward-thinking approach and unwavering dedication to innovation,” said NFC Forum Executive Director Mike McCamon. “Through our continuously evolving standards, business-line managers and product designers will be able to create new and exciting products and services that customers will love.As NFC technology becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, our planned features have the potential to significantly enhance the way we pay and receive payments; engage with our favourite brands; power our devices; and access sustainable products and services.”

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