Samsung Good Lock apps are now back working after got disappeared for a day

Good Lock is the most loved service of Samsung among Galaxy users; it offers several modules which help to customize different system UI functionalities; Samsung has recently rolled out the new version of Good Lock, but yesterday it was out of service, and the modules such as NotiStar and QuickStar disappeared for a day. The issue was reported in the South Korean community; it’s not clear if the issue was limited to Korea or was also present in other parts of the world.

Several users have shared their experience in the community; one of them said the app is not working even after reinstalling them. The main reason behind them was the server-related issue. After addressing it, the company moderator has also responded and said the Good Lock problem was caused due to an error in the Galaxy store; however, it is now fixed.

Samsung developing One UI 6 Good Lock with new features

However, the error in the Galaxy store didn’t cause any other issues in the Galaxy devices; it was limited to Good Lock apps downloading. The service is now running smoothly same as earlier, and the company fixed it because it was a server-related problem. If you are still facing the same issue, then you can try the traditional way to fix the app: clear the Good Lock data or reinstall the app.

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Thanks to “SamMobile