Samsung Expert RAW updates and brings some improvements

We are well aware of how virtually all smartphone manufacturers put a significant amount of their resources into enhancing the camera capabilities of their devices. Samsung is clearly no exception, and unlike its competitors, it also provides users with an extra app: Expert RAW.

Expert Raw is a software application developed by the company that caters to users seeking more control over their device’s camera. This software allows users to save their shots in both JPEG and RAW formats. RAW, being a more unprocessed format, provides greater flexibility for making a range of additional adjustments. These adjustments include expanding the dynamic range and accessing more options for manually adjusting shooting settings such as ISO and focus.

Samsung Users Could Access Expert RAW via the Galaxy Watch Camera Controller App

This application is specifically designed for mobile photography enthusiasts, meaning those users who choose to purchase a Galaxy device precisely because of the exceptional photographic performance it offers. In the past few hours, the Korean giant has begun rolling out a new update for the Expert Raw application, bringing it to version Now, let’s take a look at the exciting new features together.

In recent times, we’ve witnessed the company placing significant emphasis on improving the camera capabilities of their Galaxy S23 series devices, possibly in response to criticism received in various aspects.

Many of the recent updates and enhancements were delivered through the highly anticipated June update. However, the company also devotes considerable attention to the Expert Raw app. Following the latest update it received, it’s time once again to implement some adjustments and refinements.

The tweet you see above was posted by the renowned leaker Ice Universe, who decided to share their impressions after installing the latest update for Expert Raw.

As you can observe, the recent software update has addressed the color saturation issue that plagued the main sensor of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Previously, it resulted in yellowish shots. However, it appears that this adjustment only applies to the main sensor. When using the other sensors, it seems that nothing has changed compared to before.

The tweet above shows a comparison between photos captured using the 12 MP sensor and the 50 MP Expert Raw mode. As you can also see in the subsequent tweet, it seems that Samsung has significantly improved the image quality produced by the 50 MP Expert Raw mode. It now comes closer to the level of quality achieved by the main sensor when shooting at 12 MP.

In summary, it seems that the Korean company has taken user feedback into account and made efforts to enhance the camera capabilities of its flagship smartphones. Further improvements and adjustments may still be on the horizon. If you own a Galaxy S23 series smartphone and wish to install the latest version of Expert Raw, simply head to the Galaxy Store to check for the update and proceed with its installation.

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