Samsung Users Could Access Expert RAW via the Galaxy Watch Camera Controller App

Samsung’s smartwatches have gained immense popularity among users, particularly when paired with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. This combination enables users to monitor their activities effortlessly. However, there is one application that has garnered significant acclaim, allowing users to conveniently control certain phone functions directly from their watch.

Introducing the Galaxy Watch Camera Controller, an application that is set to receive a notable upgrade in the near future.

The Camera Controller is a proprietary application developed by the Korean company, enabling users to utilize their smartwatch as a remote control or shutter button for their smartphone’s camera. This functionality allows for seamless photo capturing using the watch.

Galaxy Watch Camera Controller App Could Provide Direct Access to Expert Raw

While the app’s current version offers some intriguing features, such as direct zoom adjustment from the smartwatch, it lacks integration with Expert Raw. Expert Raw, introduced by Samsung with the Galaxy S21 series, empowers users to make professional-grade camera adjustments through its specialized Sky Guide function, including manual celestial and constellation settings.

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However, there is a glimmer of hope for users seeking this integration. A moderator on the Samsung Community forums responded to a user’s query, suggesting that the situation might change, hinting at the possibility of upcoming developments.

From the provided image, it’s evident that a user sought clarification on using Expert Raw with their Galaxy smartwatch. The moderator explained that, currently, it is not possible to perform the required operation since Expert Raw and the stock camera are separate applications, resulting in incompatibility with the Galaxy Watch Camera Controller. However, the moderator added that Samsung would review the functions related to integration.

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It’s important to note that the statement does not guarantee future support for Expert Raw in the Camera Controller app. Nevertheless, it also does not rule out the possibility, indicating that the matter is being considered by those in charge. If such integration were to occur, users could anticipate a more robust and versatile Galaxy Watch Camera Controller app through a future update. Patience is required as we await further developments.

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