Samsung expands Health Temperature cycle tracking feature to more markets

Recently Samsung has joined hands with Natural Cycles to integrate the temperature-based cycle tracking feature food its Galaxy watches, limited to Galaxy Watch 5. This feature uses a temperature-based sensor for predicting the accurate period cycle for women. To activate it, users can select cycle tracking in the Samsung Health app, add their most recent cycle information to the calendar and then turn on ‘predict period with skin temp’ in the settings. It will show you a monthly graph for tracking the cycle and provide accurate results.

Samsung may expand the availability of the feature to more countries

Initially, the Temprature-based cycle tracking feature was available in 30+ countries, including the US and Korea, which was distributed through an update. Now the report of Sammobile suggests that the feature will be now available to more markets, including India. The feature will be available with a new update with version However, the official changelog doesn’t mention anything about it. 

The feature uses the latest infrared technology to measure the temperature, which is currently available on Galaxy Watch 5 series, so if you are using any of the models of this series, you can check the feature availability after updating the Samsung health app.

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