Samsung’s own XR headset might be delayed by six months

Samsung has postponed the release of its XR headset until about the middle of 2024. The reason behind this major decision for the delay from Samsung’s phase is to better compete with the Apple Vision Pro when it launches the following year. But as it is said, impatience can be bitter, but the fruit is sweet; the postponed headgear is expected to have an improved aesthetic, improved functionality, and display panels with greater resolutions.

Samsung uses the term XR to refer to “Extended Reality,” which incorporates both AR and VR. According to a rumor from the Korean magazine SBS Biz, Samsung has put off releasing its rival to Apple Vision Pro by up to six months. The XR headset is now expected to debut in mid- to late-2024, which was originally scheduled to ship in February 2024. To put it another way, Samsung is reconsidering the headset it had been working on because of Apple Vision Pro’s high-end design.

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Installation of higher resolution displays on its headsets than Apple does is the reason the best product to compete with Apple Vision Pro. Samsung’s headgear will undoubtedly be powered by a Qualcomm processor and Android when it launches. XR device model that prioritizes OEM hardware is said to be developed by Google to create its own device.

Patrick Chomet, an executive Vice president at Samsung Electronics,” The reason why we announced is, beyond Qualcomm, Google, and Samsung alone, we want to prepare the whole ecosystem. There will be many, many developers, content companies, and app companies that will prepare innovation and experiences for that ecosystem.”

Further, we concluded,” Yes, we can do devices. Yes, Qualcomm can do chipsets, yep. Yes, Google can do OS [operating system]. But then, in the end, we need more than that to make a vibrant ecosystem.”

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