Google could Shift from Samsung to TSMC for Pixel’s custom Tensor G5 chip

Just like other manufacturers, Google steps in the process of making its own chips. According to rumors, Google intends to stop using Samsung as a foundry partner and move to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company(TSMC) for their completely customized Tensor chipset, which is expected to be released in two years. It is interesting to note that the advertising behemoth is said to switch to the 3nm process, which is probably the same one that businesses like Qualcomm and MediaTek will use soon. Google’s Pixel series arrived with its own processor.

Pixel 6 – Google Tensor
Pixel 7 – Google Tensor G2
Pixel 8 – Google Tensor G3

As of now, Google is dependent on Samsung for its SoC designs as well as its manufacturing facility. But these chipsets do not significantly enhance performance or battery efficiency because Qualcomm just acquired Nuvia; it may shortly overtake Apple as the second manufacturer of phones to have produced wholly customized chipset designs in many years. Starting in 2025, Pixel devices will be powered by the new processor, codenamed ‘Laguna’, which will most likely be branded as Tensor G5.

Google originally intended to replace the customized Samsung Exynos Chipset it uses in Pixel phones with an internal ‘Redondo’ processor sometime in 2024. But the difficulties between teams from the United States and India, together with a high staff turnover rate, led to a delay in the creation of this chip. However, Google has now pushed that anticipated delivery date back to 2025 and will instead launch a new bespoke CPU with the codename ‘Laguna.’ Also, the Pixel smartphones that are scheduled to debut in 2024 will also use a Samsung-powered CPU but with fewer Samsung components.

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