Threads App: What about the Direct Messages?

Another wave, like Twitter, is floating in the air, known as Threads. Owned by the American Technology Bureau Meta Platform. The Threads also operate akin to the weblog platform like Twitter. This app is especially for writing words. With the help of threads, users’ words can be conveyed to the people. This app has created hubbub-like waves in the ocean. Over 70 Million users unite the platform in just 48 Hours.

Users can log in to this app via their Instagram account. After logging in, the user can post the text he wants to up to 500 words, which also includes pictures, links, and videos of max 5 minutes. But as users started using it, they realized that it lacked some features. Especially the incapacity of sending direct messages. Direct message not being sent by threads remains the most chew question about it.

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The CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, since the launch of the thread, has been active on it. To look up the reviews about this app, what users are enjoying about this app, and what not. On many affairs he accepts that there are some common features about which users complain. And said maybe in the coming update will come with the recovery of complaints. But for now, we have to be patient.

The company accepts that there is no facility of direct messages. Also, for now, they just want to keep their platform easy. According to Mosseri, the main aim is to send threads through other apps, including direct messages from insta. The rest of this decision is not like a line of stone. In the coming update, this may change. Mosseri said –

“For now, our plan is not to create another inbox anymore and instead allow people to send threads to other apps, including Instagram direct messages, but also apps we don’t own. It may not make sense in the long run, but we thought we would.”

Mosseri, open the probability that in future updates, the facility of sending direct messages from this threads app will be rolled out. But now, users can enjoy sharing threads, can also copy the thread’s URL, or else can use sharing facilities through other chatting apps.

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