Samsung files patent lawsuit against a wireless charging company in the USA

Samsung Electronics sued Mojo Mobility, a US-based wireless charging company, for patent infringement over wireless charging methods. Mojo Mobility creates wireless power technology for a range of markets for automobile industries and mobile devices was initiated in 2005.

Mojo Mobility has already accused Samsung of infringing a patent in the Texas Eastern District Court, and that is why the cases were brought in retaliation. A number of cases at the US Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO) were filed last month by the corporation against the American wireless charging business.

According to the news article, the claim was made against Mojo Mobility by Samsung last year. The case took a major turn as early as 2016; Mojo Mobility claimed that Samsung had been using its technology without authorization in items like watches and high-end smartphones like the Galaxy series. The alliance between the two business firms has already been initiated regarding future technology works.

Discussing the case, it is important that Mojo Mobility does not appear to be a patent troll or a company that deals only with patents and wants to use legal means to compel tech businesses to pay royalties for patents they hold. Patent trolls characterize a business that files lawsuits for patent infringement in order to profit or suppress competition.

In a different case, a jury in April found Samsung guilty of patent infringement and awarded Netlist, a US chip manufacturer, damages of more than US$303 million. Samsung stated that it will make every effort to press its legal contention up until a decision is made.

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