Android 14 will bring significant work profile adjustments

The next version of Android, Android 14, will bring out more enhanced features than the previous version. Android 14 has brought a significant change in the work profile. A work profile is a separate profile for storing work apps and data on an Android device. With the separation of work applications and data made possible by work profiles, organizations have complete control over the data, apps, and security rules contained within a work profile.

Google is making some adjustments to the functionality of the work profile in Android 14, which will benefit the work profile users. Comparing the new upgraded version with the previous one, when the work profile is disabled, it will notify that “your work apps can’t send you notifications, use your battery, or access your location” in the Android 13 version. Further, the application will halt the operations when a profile is disabled, rendering them unable to perform any tasks or receive any alerts. After switching the profile on, the user will be folded with notification alerts.

In the Android 14 version, users can pause by tapping on the button “pause work apps.” This may not feel like a significant change, as in both cases, the application cannot receive notifications. However, when paused, the apps can continue to function in the background and notify you with a message stating, “you won’t receive notifications from your work apps.” Consequently, in the paused state, the application consumes a battery and can access the location as well.

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Through the updated policy, cross-profile contacts can be identified, which means when the user is not in the work profile still, the contact of the co-worker can be found, says Jason Bayton of Android Enterprise. Additionally, with this upgrade, the user will not receive plenty of notifications when the profile is reactivated. The main objective behind this policy is to simplify the balance between professional and personal life.

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Thanks to “Android Police