Android 14 to Bring Support For Satellite Connectivity for Samsung Galaxy Phones

The satellite connection has become a highly sought-after feature in recent months, gaining attention after its introduction in Apple’s entire iPhone 14 lineup. As usual, Apple’s innovations set the trends in the technology sector, prompting other manufacturers to follow suit and cater to the demands of consumers.

Notably, Samsung and Pixel phones also boast support for satellite connectivity, which is expected to become more widespread upon the release of Android 14. Once the update is available, compatible hardware will be required, with phone manufacturers responsible for incorporating it into their devices.

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According to a tweet from the Pixel #TeamPixel Twitter account, Android 14 will bring satellite SMS support. The feature will gradually roll out to supported Pixel and Galaxy phones, a development that shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering reports of the Galaxy S22 Ultra already being used to place satellite calls, despite lacking official support. (Via – Wccftech)

Back in February, Dr. TM Roh, who leads Samsung’s mobile eXperience unit, revealed the reasons behind the company’s decision not to include satellite connectivity in the Galaxy S23 line. “When there is the right timing, infrastructure, and the technology [is] ready, then of course for Samsung Galaxy, for our mobile division, we would also actively consider adopting this feature as well.” That day could be coming as soon as early next year with the release of the Galaxy S24 line.

It should be understood that Android smartphones are different, and manufacturers can implement the idea of satellite communication in a different way. However, Android 14 should officially debut in October, along with the Pixel 8, so Google products have a chance to demonstrate to others how it should.

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