Microsoft Designer App Now Available for Android in Beta

Earlier, Microsoft brought many applications that integrated with its Office suite for Android; these basically provide several tools for managing office work, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and many more. The company is now trying something different with the Microsoft Designer app, staging with beta.

What will you get with the Microsoft Designer app?

The Microsoft Designer application brings a new capability to original designs with generative AI. The application brings you the same functionality for designing that you already have in the web version. For starters, Microsoft’s new tool can generate any design by just typing what you want.

The application brought a lot of new features for Android devices

There are several interesting tools that will be available with the Microsoft Designer app. Users can easily remove the background of photos, choose between various customizable layouts, readjust the format of the project, create an effective and captivating description for posts, and more. The tool also simplifies social sharing by allowing you to publish your works on any platform.

The app is currently in the beta stage, so it is possible that some features may not work accurately. Users can easily install the app on their Android devices from the Play Store; however, to use the application, you should have a Microsoft account. The app is available for only those Android devices that are running on Android 8 or above.

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