Samsung brings September 2023 security update for several Galaxy devices in Canada

Samsung is rapidly expanding the September 2023 update for Galaxy devices, continuing the streak. The company is now rolling out the update to four more Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy A53, and Galaxy A32 devices.

Notably, all the mentioned devices are getting the September 2023 update in Canada. For identification, users can verify it with these firmware version numbers. The Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra are getting the new update with these firmware version numbers: G981WVLU6HWHA, G986WVLU6HWHA, and G988WVLU6HWHA, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy A53, and Galaxy A32 devices are getting the update with different firmware version numbers: G990WVLU8EWH5, A536WVLS7CWH2, and A326WVLSBDWI1, respectively. It is worth noticing that all these devices have already grabbed the update in several regions.

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The September 2023 update doesn’t bring any new firmware updates; it is one of the maintenance updates, which bring only some fixes that enhance the security of the devices. For your information, the latest update brings more than 60 fixes that are included by Google and Samsung, which makes them safer.

The ultimate goal of the new patch is to provide more protection against threats that can steal your data. Most of the threats are related to malware, which updates its definition to break the security and privacy of the devices. So if you are using one of these phones, then you should update your device to the latest version.

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Users who are using the mentioned Galaxy device in Canada should start getting new notifications regarding the update availability, but if you haven’t gotten the notification yet, you can verify it by going to the software update menu in the main system settings.

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