One UI 6 Brings New Screen Off Feature That Keeps Apps Running

Samsung is now running the One UI 6 beta program for several Galaxy devices. With the new beta updates, the company has introduced many new features, most of which are revealed in the first beta update changelog. But apart from the One UI 6 features, the company is also working on other applications with some minor functions, as the beta operation manager has recently reported about the new screen curtain function.

What is the screen curtain function?

The screen curtain function is the latest feature introduced in the Good Guardians application. With the help of this function, users will be able to turn off the main screen when necessary without interrupting the running application. By doing this, users will save the battery, which may be consumed when powering the display.

How can you use this feature?

The new screen curtain is a new feature that will be available in the Good Guardians application, so if you want to use this application, you have to install the app on your device, or if you already have it, you have to update it to the latest update. Once you update it to the latest version, follow the below steps to activate the feature.

Go to the Guardians app, then select Battery Guardians. Now click Battery Guardians and select Add to Quick Settings. This will create a shortcut button for the screen curtain. Now, when you want to turn off the screen while running the application, tap the screen curtain added to the quick panel. When the screen curtain runs, it briefly displays information about the currently running application and leaves the display in a low-power state.

Now, when you want to close it, just touch the screen twice or press the power key. This function will not work during calls or games. It will also go off and put the device in a screen lock state when the application is off.

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