Samsung Galaxy S Ultra Roadmap Reveals Ambitious Plans for the Future

The Galaxy S series is known as one of the best flagships among smartphones because it brings in features that give users a cozy workup. Among the Galaxy S series, the South Korean giant always focuses on crafting the ultra variant, the Galaxy S Ultra, especially.

The next Ultra variant that is about to launch is the Galaxy S24 Ultra; however, Samsung seems to have a road map for the next couple of successors too. Now we have a rumor regarding the camera enhancement for the upcoming Ultra variants of the Galaxy S series. As of now, the best smartphone in terms of photography includes the Galaxy S23 Ultra as well.

In spite of this too, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is getting a slight improvement. As stated by the leaker Revegnus, the Galaxy s24 Ultra will be getting a little improvement with a folded telephoto 50 MP camera sensor with 0.7um. But this isn’t the case for its successors, as great improvements are reported to be included.

The Galaxy S25 Ultra will get an upgraded wide-angle lens, and the folded telephoto lens is also said to be improved with several features. Last but not least, the most important change is that the ultrawide lens in the Galaxy S25 Ultra will be upgraded to 50 MP. The Galaxy S26 Ultra’s wide-angle camera sensor is getting a great jump to 200 MP, too, with 0.7- and 1/1.10-inch specifications. Now this may make you think that Samsung is really trying to make the Galaxy S Ultra models the best ones in terms of photography.

This long roadmap for its upcoming Ultra variants surely shows that Samsung is quite serious about its future products. The Galaxy S24 series is surely in the line of anticipation and just a month away for the launch, and all of the improvements that Samsung has made in its series will be well clear.