One UI 6 Galaxy PassKey: Samsung’s new feature to enhance security for app and website logins

Through the One UI 6 update, Samsung Electronics unveiled Samsung Pass, a passkey that enables secure passkey authentication with a single fingerprint identification. Samsung Pass saves passkeys generated in apps or websites where passkeys are applied. Login is possible, and furthermore, by enabling the secure synchronization of the passkey that has been saved across the user’s many devices via “Samsung Nox Matrix,” the security of the passkey has been further enhanced.

What is a passkey?

A password is a digital credential that uses biometric identification, such as fingerprint or face recognition, to replace the account and password needed for the website and app login, negating the need for passwords altogether. With a new approach to logging in to several websites and applications, PassKey, which is based on the worldwide FIDO (Fast Identity Online) standard, may replace current passwords more reliably and conveniently.

Why are passkeys beneficial?

You’ve definitely heard others describe the annoying experience of forgetting their password while attempting to access a website or app after a prolonged period of time. You utilize a variety of applications and websites, some of which you use more frequently than others, and their combinations are unique. Passwords that are longer than eight or nine characters and have a mix of numbers, letters, and special characters are particularly lengthy, intricate, and simple to forget.

When using a public computer, the auto-completion feature in web browsers poses a serious security concern as it only requires entering the ID to automatically input the password. A further inconvenience is having to register your fingerprint all over again whenever you switch devices, even though certain applications let you log in using just your fingerprint. Through its mobile security systems, Samsung Knox Matrix and Samsung Pass, Samsung Electronics brought the passkey feature to reality.

Passwords are safer and more secure than passwords. Know why?

  • Quick and simple login: Users no longer need to input their password and ID. With a passkey, you can bypass the need for a password and login using biometric identification, making it just as simple and quick to access websites and applications as using your fingerprint to unlock your phone.
  • Simple setup and registration: Even if you switch devices, you may continue to use the passkey without any problems after registering it. Your passkey will go with you to any device, so users don’t need to worry and constantly retrieve their passwords or reset all of their passwords.
  • Safer and Secure: Users may avoid password theft with Passkey, which only functions on websites and applications for which they have registered.