Samsung Bespoke Expansion Via SmartThings Home Life Upgrade

Recently Samsung provided an update ‘SmartThings Home Life’ to the ‘Bespoke Refrigerator’. Starting on the 13th, the Bespoke series Bespoke Cube and Bespoke refrigerators will receive a ‘Sommelier at Home’ function.

‘Sommelier’ means steward or wine waiter, which is what Samsung targets in the high-end markets. Earlier this function was provided exclusively for wine refrigerators.

SmartThings Home Life Upgrade Firmware

SmartThings Home Life: The application and service optimizes home appliances compatible with it and enables users to control and access them, i.e., remotely, an integrated home appliance solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

SmartThings Home Life is a service that was newly introduced in 6 categories in February, including cooking, air care, pet care, clothing care, energy, and home care.

Sommelier at home function: To manage wines, this function enables the user to record wine types and vintages by clicking pics of wine labels through a smartphone and recommends dishes that go well with the current wine inventory.

Optical character reading (OCR) technology by Samsung recognizes the wine name, country of origin, and vintage of the label photographed with a smartphone.

Consisting of a database of more than 70,000 wines & basic information on types of wine, production regions, wineries, vintages, and information such as alcohol content, body, acidity, and tannins can be checked by the Sommelier function.

Samsung Family Hub remotely looks inside as you shop, sends notes and sync schedules, sees who’s at the door, and allows the user to watch videos right from your fridge, making it an IoT hub(internet of things).

Via a dongle user can control Samsung Electronics home appliances, lights, blinds, switches, motion sensors, and doors. Some models without a dongle installation space are excluded and will be updated sequentially by model until September.

With Bixby, users can play news on Samsung TV Plus and watch the channels starting from July.

With this move, Samsung has targeted the market with more purchasing power, such US and Europe regions, as well as the home country S.Korea.

“We have prepared this update so that consumers with existing refrigerators can enjoy the latest features through software upgrades,” We will continue to provide the best experience through SmartThings Home Life updates. “

-Yu Mi-young, vice president of Samsung Electronics Home Appliance Business Division.

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