Firewell Sprint Network, Aloha! Sprint Network Ha Departed

T-Mobile Says Auf Wiedersehen To Sprint Network.

According to reports, T-Mobile US has recently announced to shut down its Sprint Network on June 30. Sprint was expected to be shut down as this news was already in speculations.

Sprint’s 3G CDMA network was already shut down earlier this year, and now T-Mobile’s 3G network has retired today. T-Mobile spokesperson Justin Paulsen informed the media that the final operations are in proceedings.

T-Mobile is a subsidiary of the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG which owns T-Mobile US, a combined company that survived the acquisition by AT&T in 2011.
On April 29, 2018, T-Mobile and Sprint announced a $26 billion merger deal, with the merger closed on April 1, 2020.

Right from the start of 2020, in March, T-Mobile started issuing execution warrants to Sprint, beginning with the 3G CDMA network.

The coup de grace for Sprint was planned for March 21 but was delayed due to the impedance by the Dish Network. Sprint brought this clincher on itself by investing billions of us dollars in WIMAX while the real deal, the LTE, was popularizing due to its promising performance. Sprint was a sinking boat by not adopting the WIMAX mast over LTE/4G ones. The mast & flag soon started to give out, and Sprint started lagging in the race.

According to Justin Paulsen, T-Mobile US, Sprint LTE or T-Mobile’s 3G has been underway for shutting down, and the company is providing a free replacement with a 5G device to its users.

“Customers who needed to take action as a result of these retirement efforts were notified well ahead of time and received an offer for a free 5G replacement device.”
Justin Paulsen, Spokesperson T-Mobile.

To be honest, it’s a mercy blow to the Sprint & legacy networks(networks based on older, outdated protocols). However, to people’s amazement, the 2G GSM is still operational with an obvious pending announcement to wind up the rest of the remains of Sprint from T-Mobile, to further invest Sprint’s assets in 5G telecommunications.

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