Bye-Bye Galaxy Note: Goodbye To A Legend

Phone? Tablet? Feel Free. It’s Galaxy Note or Galaxy S22 Ultra Now.

October 29, 2011; 10 years ago, a breakthrough was achieved by Samsung in the smartphone industry. The first Galaxy Note was launched, and it took the world by storm and paved the way for the other upcoming android smartphones. It redefined the whole era by introducing the hybrid between a phone and a tablet, with the introduction of the S Pen.

But recently, on June 30, Samsung’s TM Roh, President & Head of MX Business, confirmed that Samsung would not continue the Galaxy Note series anymore. It was already in speculations when the Galaxy S22 ultra arrived with the Stylus, and the Note is gone.

However, some fans were still hoping this wouldn’t be the case, but it turned out as expected, and the official announcement that Galaxy Note took the quietus.

According to a reliable leaker, blogger & tech enthusiast, ice universe @UniverseIce informed that Samsung TM Roh briefed that “the Galaxy Note will come in the form of S Ultra every year starting this year.”

The Galaxy Note shipped with Android 2.3 and Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz software suite. The smartphone introduced unique features such as handwriting input, Quick Memo, drawing, etc. They were completely strange features for a phone at that time. In all, it was a gamble, a bet that changed the smartphone world forever.

The iPhone saw a drop in the market due to the smaller screen size. Surprisingly, very few would have thought that the larger screen would become the norm. At that time, phones were still seen as a medium of communication primarily. Still, the Galaxy Note series changed it with the introduction of Stylus and a behemoth of a screen to immerse into the visual experience accompanying the sAMOLED display along with the handwriting & free draw-drag functions. In a sense, it was truly a Notebook, a digital one connected to the world.

But fast forward to 2022, we saw a new entry, the Galaxy S22 Ultra with S Pen stylus, which was hugely successful. And, to be honest, why not, when today’s phones already have a 6-inch display generally, a stylus with the functions of S22 would suffice all the needs of a Galaxy Note.
It combines the best of both worlds and delivers an even better experience, with convenience and ease of use increasing productivity.

This move from Samsung is a double play. Although we will miss the legend, which was known by the alias ‘Note.’ It has now gone, and another new era has begun with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

While the Galaxy S21 Ultra was the first to introduce the Stylus in the series, the Galaxy Note series still went on, with the last being the Note 20 series, released in August 2020.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has now become the most sold flagship android smartphone and seeing its success. We can say bye-bye to the Note series, Sayonara so long legend.

No need to get the spirits down; Only the name has changed the essence remains the same. It’s just a name that seems to be left out, but the spirit goes along. It’s the nature of the world, renewal in these cycles of time.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to come in 2023 Q1. This time, both of the admirers will have their hopes set on the Galaxy S22 Ultra as it’s the only spiritual successor which supports the S Pen Stylus.

However, you never know. The times often repeat, they say. So for the future, keep your spirits & enthusiasm sparkling.

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