iPhone 14 Series Expected  To Use Samsung’s Display, Beating BOE To The Punch

Recently, information was released in the industry that signals the use of 80 million OLEDs for the upcoming iPhone 14 series.

Display solution providers Duksan Neolux, Solus Advanced Materials, and Samsung SDI will be working alongside Samsung to mass-produce the OLED display for Apple.

There are currently six iPhone 14 models anticipated to use these OLEDs. They are:

iPhone 14 -6.1 inches 

iPhone 14 Plus -6.7-inches

iPhone 14 Pro -6.1-inches 

iPhone 14 Pro Max -6.7-inches 

There will be 38.17 million panels supplied for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus.

According to media speculations, Samsung is expected to produce LTPS-TFT-based OLED & LTPO-TFT-based OLEDs for the series.

LTPS stands for Low-Temperature PolySilicon. This type of display provides a faster and more integrated display than a standard LCD.

A low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) display is a special kind of backplane technology( Often referred to simply as a backplane, this special type of printed circuit board is used as a support structure for connecting other PCBs) designed for OLED screens and developed by Apple, which implements superb power efficiency.

Apple’s first OLED smartphone was in 2017, iPhone X, which used the Samsung OLED display. Now Samsung has chosen Duksan Neolux, Samsung SDI, and Solus Advanced Materials alongside Apple’s M12 for supplying & producing the base materials for the OLED screens for iPhone 14 series.

Mentioned Suppliers will provide these materials :

  • Duksan Neolux will provide Red Prime and Green Prime
  • Samsung SDI will provide Green Host
  • Solus Advanced Materials will provide A-ETL.
  • Duksan Neolux will also provide HTL, an auxiliary material.

Samsung display is expecting this to establish its position in the market as a leader for display providers.

Although, BOE, a Chinese display supplier for Apple, is also supposed to make OLEDs for Apple. Reports suggest that Apple plans to inspect the BOE OLED samples this week. This came to attention in MAY when BOE allegedly interfered with the design of Apple’s display circuit panels for the series if Apple gave clearance to BOE from Cupertino, CA, from Apple’s HQ.

If this does not happen, then Samsung will seize a big chunk of opportunity from the Chinese manufacturer and become a preferred partner for development experience, technology, quality, & supply chain in display solutions.

Now the competition is brutal in the display market for limited modest & moderate OLEDs, with the Chinese tagging along. Also, with the recent decision from Samsung to quit manufacturing LCD panels- ‘Samsung’s LCD Making Days Are Over‘ while ‘Samsung Display Transfers Employees: Announce Retirement from LCD Display Production‘. And not to forget another display solution expert, the LG is the prime rival to the former in the market.

However, Samsung is showing ruthlessness in the market through its recent pledge to invest, earlier this year, a 450 trillion won ($350 billion)during the next five years in future businesses like SC, Foundry, and Biopharma, alongside striking deals with BMW, Tesla, researching on EVs, plans to supply batteries & of course the display solutions.

This indicates that Samsung wants to be the major supplier of core components for the OEMs worldwide.

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