Samsung OneUI 5.0 Is Just A Duplicate Of One UI 4.0 With Makeup

Recently a dependable tipster ‘Ice universe’ has posted a leak that suggests that the upcoming OneUI 5.0 will not bring any major changes and would exhibit the same features as its predecessor, the OneUI 4.0.

Ice universe @UniverseIce tweeted, “Bad news, the current One UI 5.0 has no changes in UI design, icons, etc. The animation has changed slightly. Other than that, there is no difference with One UI 4. Maybe they have not been built yet and need to continue to observe.”

The 4rth generation One UI 4.0, based on Android 12, was released first to the Galaxy S21 Series in November 2021. OneUI 4.0 brought on customization, privacy, and access to Samsung’s expanding ecosystem. A minor update for OneUI 4.0, OneUI 4.1, was first released to Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

People were hoping that the upcoming version would bring major changes like every yearly revision. But according to the tipster, it will only showcase the changed animations, while the UI design, icons, overall aesthetic perspective, & looks will remain unchanged.

The tipster further suggested that the OneUI 5.0 is probably under development, and the major changes will be observed perhaps later. For now, there is nothing game-changing or an expected overhaul seen. 

The Beta version of Samsung’s OneUI 5.0 was allegedly tested on the Galaxy S22 Ultra via a leaked screenshot from an app called Checkfirm this June.

Another development again in June brought the attention that Samsung had almost completed the preparation to launch the Beta for Android13-based OneUI for the Galaxy S22 series.

Let us see what the industry is expecting from the OneUI 5.0 –

  • Samsung will revamp its animation engine to improve its performance with the OS.
  • The animations will be a lot smoother & faster.
  • The privacy and security will be improved even further, especially for the payments app.
  • Connectivity features will be worked up to coordinate with the Ui even better, such as BT, wi-Fi, and GPS positioning.
  • Visuals and aesthetics would get better, as it is one of the important aspects of having a custom UI over an OS.
  • It could get tweaked to work with the Android12L.
  • More shortcuts and camera features will be added to its flagship devices of Samsung.

According to media sources, for the Galaxy S22, OneUI 5.0 Beta will be released in the third week of July & stable version will be released in October this year.

It would be disappointing if this major 5.0 revision will not get the anticipated changes right when the OneUI 4.5 for wearables & Android 12L with OneUI 4.1.1. for foldable devices are showing much promise.

Well, whatever the case, the wait is the game & this OneUI 5.0 movie will reach the climax as the developments continue. We will be there for you to keep you updated.