Android 13 is the final version of these Samsung flagships

Nowadays, Samsung is following its new policy that says the company will provide four Android upgrades and give five years of security updates to its Galaxy devices which will be launched after the official announcement. There are some devices, including Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Galaxy S20 series, Note 20 series, Galaxy S20 FE, Fold 2, and Z Flip 5G/LTE which are running the new Android 13 update. But now Samsung has to ignore these smartphones for upcoming major Android updates because they don’t match the new update policy.

Notably, the devices mentioned above were introduced as flagship devices of their segment at the time of the release and had high-end specifications. Still, as we know, the company is also strategically doing these things because, like other companies who want to earn more, Samsung also wants to make a profit by selling phones in the market. To make this happen, the Korean giant is creating an artificial environment that makes the customer believe that all devices are now old and, they need to be switched on.

As per the information, all the devices were released in 2020 and come with Android 10 on board, and all of them have upgraded to the latest One UI 5.0. As said earlier, all the devices are limited to Android 13, but here is a little catch: the devices are still eligible for further security updates for the next year.

As you know that Samsung frequently releases new flagship devices per year for the respected segment, and to develop them more interactive and give them proper updates, it bit necessary to retire three old devices from its catalog, so if you also own these devices and like to use new functionalities which are come with new Android OS updates, we recommend you to switch on to other Galaxy devices, and for an option, you can wait for Galaxy S23 device which is likely to release in February, or you also go for the foldable smartphones.

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