The Galaxy S23 series’s price could be higher outside of the US

The wait for Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S23 series, will be over soon. Regarding the series, almost every piece of information has been leaked and joined the talks. Now the only thing about which the users are being eager is the devices’ price. Previously, it had been assumed that the company would not increase its prices to keep up the competitiveness with the iPhone 14, But some recent reports are saying otherwise.

As per reports, it seems that Samsung has increased the rates of all three devices of the series- Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra. It looks like the company will keep those devices’ prices lower in the US only but make them comparatively expensive in other regional markets. However, a previous report has also claimed that we will see a 10-20% increase in the Galaxy S23’s price, but it could only be limited to the Korean market. 

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Notably, even if the prices increase, it won’t happen in all markets but will be limited to some regions, such as Korea only. The leaked prices of the US market show that the series doesn’t gain much but is similar to the last year’s Galaxy S22 prices. Conclusively, there are possibilities for both, some markets might get a pricier S23, and some could not see any major change from the S22. The leaked price of all S23 variants are listed below- 

Galaxy S23 [Vanilla variant]

  • 256GB internal storage variant- 1,155,000 KRW (931 USD)
  • 512GB internal storage variant- 1,276,000 KRW (1,029 USD)

Galaxy S23+ [Plus variant]

  • 256GB internal storage variant- 1,353,000 KRW (1,091 USD)
  • 512GB internal storage variant- 1,474,000 KRW (1,189 USD)

Galaxy S23 Ultra [Top of the line model]

  • 256GB internal storage variant- 1,599,400 KRW (1,290 USD)
  • 512GB internal storage variant- 1,720,400 KRW (1,388 USD)

– (By GaryeonHan)

Nota bene, we might think that the S23 series is expensive in comparison to the S22 series, but it is still lower than the Galaxy S20’s (Base model) launch prices, which were 1,250,000 KRW back then. However, because these all are leaks and rumors, we can not say whether these are true or not, so please believe them with a pinch of salt. The real prices can be unveiled during the launch or with an official reveal only. 

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