You may zoom a little bit more on the Galaxy S23 Ultra in the Gallery app

Samsung has debuted its Galaxy S23’s Ultra model; the company has created much hype about its camera; it is the first device from Samsung that sports a 200 MP camera, while before this, the company was using the 108 MP module as main camera from Galaxy S20 to the Galaxy S22, in the Ultra model. 

Samsung uses a pixel binning technology which makes compresses the details of 108 MP photos into 12 MP pictures, and this thing actually works in every flagship device, so this makes the photo low-resolution photos.

Galaxy S23 Ultra improves the quality of photos after Zoom.

By the way, you will get high-quality photos on all Samsung flagship devices. Still, you will get less than expected resolution; the same process is followed in the Galaxy S23 Ultra device, but this time Samsung has improved the quality of photos, it can be noticeable when you zoom in on the photos, you will get an extra frame zoom that gives you better quality than normal.

IMG – Sammobile

However this is a minor improvement, but it is surely getting a good experience; while Zooming in to the photos, you will get sharper video quality photos that make visible more details of different objects with lower noise.

IMG – SamMobile

If we compare side by side the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Ultra, the difference in the quality of Zooming in the existing pics, you will be unable to spot much difference in them; still, with new software improvements, the Galaxy S23 will win the race.

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