Google’s Android 15 could be called Vanilla Ice Cream

Google is currently working on the next generation of its smartphone operating system Android. The company has just launched the 1st developer preview of the upcoming Android 14. If you don’t know, Google usually names the versions of Android in the name of a dessert, such as Marshmallow for Android 6 and Oreo for Android 8. 

Informatively, since the Android Cupcake was launched in the year 2009, Google has decided to name its Android versions with different dessert names starting with the English alphabet, in their exact order. However, after Android Pie (9), when Android 10 was in development, it became hard for the company to find a dessert with the next English alphabet, ‘Q’; hence, it was named in a simple numeral. 

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However, the Mountain View giant has continued to name the Android versions as dessert internally, and Android 10 has been named Queen’s Cake. Consequently, now the soon-to-be-launched Android 14 has decided to use ‘Upside Down Cake’. Recently, some reports have revealed the dessert name of the future Android 15 as well, which will be launched in 2024. Reportedly, it has been code named ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’. 

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For information, the new Android dessert code name has been spotted by teamb58, and the information has been shared by the well-known tipster Mishaal Rahman. Meanwhile, the code name has nothing to reveal about its Android version, but it sure is good to know that Google has already found a dessert starting with the next English alphabet for the series, the letter ‘V’.

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