Google Play Store improves rating system for the web version

As the Google Play Store continues to be one of the largest app marketplaces in the world, maintaining a reliable rating system is crucial for ensuring high-quality user experiences. In order to better serve both developers and users, it has implemented a new and innovative approach to its rating system.

Last year the Google team introduced an important new feature for the Google Play Store, ensuring that app ratings were generated based on the form factor, taking into account the device’s screen size, orientation, and resolution. This helped to provide more accurate ratings for users and developers alike. Now, with the latest update, users can evaluate and review apps for all form factors directly from the web version of the Google Play Store, eliminating the need to access the store directly from their device. This move is expected to make the rating system more accessible and user-friendly, ultimately benefiting the entire app marketplace.

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Furthermore, this new update is currently only available to a select group of users, but it allows each individual user to leave a rating or write a review for an app, specifying the form factor of their device, simply by accessing the Google Play Store from the web. Users can choose from options such as phone, tablet, smartwatch, Chromebook, smart TV, and auto (availability of form factors may vary by country) when leaving their feedback.

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