Galaxy S23’s Ray Tracing technology break down by Samsung expert

The Gaming industry is gradually increasing day by day, and there is no doubt mobile games will be the future of the gaming industry. Many consumers enjoy high graphics games on their smartphones. Nowadays, people are demanding a PC-like high-graphics gaming experience on their mobile devices, and this is triggering smartphone brands to enhance their smartphones to get full support of high-quality graphics for smartphones.

Samsung has taken it seriously and developed its smartphones to adopt high-quality gaming smoothly; over the years, Samsung’s new smartphones have been capable of handling heavy graphics games easily. 

Especially the flagship series devices of Samsung has been seen so many new features that bring a new experience for gamers; now, with the recently launched flagship device Galaxy S23 series, there are a lot more improvements done for running the heavy software processing smoothly.

The company has introduced a more powerful GPU, which enhances the performance by 41% compared to the previous version, and also introduces a new Ray Tracing technology that enhances the graphics of games which makes them more realistic. 

Galaxy S23’s Ray Tracing explained by experts

Ray Tracing is a technology that renders the graphics effects in real-time by Tracing rays of light. It is an exclusive technology that is introduced in Galaxy S23 series devices. It is based on the GPU of the device, which has additional hardware that accelerates simulations of ray tracing, so it will perform similarly to a desktop.

IMG – Samsung Newsroom

The developer of ray tracing, Jungwoo Kim, said, “Ray Tracing is a complex simulation that traces how the optic nerve of an eye receives a ray of light after being reflected, refracted or diffracted by an object” 

The second developer Jooyong Park added, “When it comes to the shadow effect, for instance, the previous method used to project an object on a scene to create a shadow map in advance and adjust that on the object again. On the other hand, Ray Tracing simulates the actual effect of how shadows are formed, which appears accurately and realistically onscreen — so users can enjoy more natural-looking graphics.” 

IMG – Samsung Newsroom

Moreover, Samsung has focused on breaking down the barriers between console, desktop, and mobile. To make this possible, the company has expanded the performance and range of API. The company has also joined hands with other industry players and made the common API so it can be easy to introduce new Games and expand their relevant ecosystem.

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