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One UI 6.0

Samsung One UI 6.0 Skin



Google has just started working on the next major Android version, Android 14. The company has already introduced a couple of developer preview, which is available on the official site of Google; however, the software is simply compatible with select Pixel devices.

Android 14 availability

Google introduces a new Android version every year at approximately the same time, so if we take the previous timeline of Android updates, it will get the second developer preview of Android 14 at the end of March, and then the company will introduce beta updates from the April and then moving ahead the stable update will be available by June. However, the mentioned updates will be limited to select-pixel smartphones.

One UI 6.0 could bring some tweaks for Volume slider

Samsung One UI 6.0

Just like last year, we will see the beta version updates of the new One UI (One UI 6.0) in the flagship devices, including Galaxy S23, Galaxy Z Fold4, Flip4, Galaxy S22, and the fifth generation folding phones from the starting week of August, then in the next month, i.e., October 2023, we will receive the stable update of One UI 6.0 in any of the flagship devices, last time the Galaxy S22 was the first device which has got the stable update. 

Like every year, the One UI Beta Program will be open to participants in China, Germany, India, Poland, the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

One UI 6.0 will enhance the security of Galaxy devices

As you know, the One UI is just a skin that is based on Android OS, which means you will get all the new features of Android 14 with One UI 6.0. In the developer preview, it has been confirmed that some new changes can be seen, like bigger fonts with non-linear scaling, block installation of apps, separate Bluetooth and Wifi options, and more. To learn more about Android, click here.

One UI 6.0 Expected Features

Recently Dashlane, a subscription-based password manager, revealed in an official blog post that Dashlane would add the native support of passkeys in Android devices, including Galaxy phones, with Android 14 or, we can say, One UI 6 update (for Samsung devices). It will provide the device support of passkeys within third-party applications, which means it will not be limited to Dashlane only but will reach the other apps as well.

Samsung’s upcoming One UI 6.0 could bring significant improvements to the user experience. Among the changes expected in this update is a revamped volume slider that could transform the way users interact with their devices.

Samsung’s One UI has been making waves in the world of Android devices for a while now, thanks to its user-friendly design and intuitive features. The upcoming One UI 6.0 promises to take things up a notch, with a range of new features and improvements that are sure to excite Samsung users around the world. One of the most interesting additions to One UI 6.0 is a new battery warning feature that will notify users when their device’s battery has reached just 2% charge remaining.

Our Dreams for Samsung One UI 6.0: The Ultimate Wishlist for Galaxy Users

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One UI 6.1

Samsung Officially Announces One UI 6.1 Update with Galaxy AI for Galaxy S22, Fold4, Flip4, and Tab S8 in May




Samsung has officially confirmed that it will provide Galaxy AI features with One UI 6.1 to several devices, including the Galaxy S22, Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Galaxy Tab S8 series devices. The company has published that it will start rolling out the dedicated update for the devices in early May; however, it hasn’t mentioned the exact date, but it looks like after completing the April 2024 update, it may immediately start providing the One UI 6.1 update.

Earlier, there was some doubt if Samsung would provide every AI feature to the older devices, which are spotted on other high-end devices, or make some restrictions on them. However, now, the company has cleared the doubt and confirmed that it will provide several Galay AI features, such as Circle to searchChat AssistInterpreterLive Translate, Note Assist, Transcript Assist, Browsing Assist, Generative Edit, Edit Suggestion, and AI-generated wallpaper.

With these all-new AI power features, users will get a whole new experience for communicating with each other. For instance, with the live translation, users can talk to each other without any language barrier. Chat Assist helps users adjust text messages in different languages and message tone.

Meanwhile, users can also benefit from several productivity and information-accessible AI features, such as Circle to Search, which enables users to instantly take information about any object on the screen. Note Assist simplifies tasks with auto-formatting and summarization features. Browsing assistance provides the ability to summarize and translate them.

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One UI 6.1

One UI 6.1 with Galaxy AI: New Smart Features Coming to Your 2021 and 2022 Galaxy Phones




Samsung initially introduced Galaxy AI exclusively for the Galaxy S24 series, then expanded it to 2023’s Galaxy flagship devices, and is now setting up to release it for 2022’s as well as 2021’s flagship lineups. 

Samsung has already teased the Galaxy S22 owners that ongoing testing is going on to deliver Galaxy AI features, and now recent reports are unveiling that not only the S22 series but also the entire 2022 and 2021 flagship lineups are in line to get the Galaxy AI features. 

This is being speculated by a forum post from Korea. A Samsung employee has confirmed that One UI 6.1 with Galaxy AI features will be coming to Samsung’s entire 2022 and even 2021 flagship lineups. Samsung had already announced earlier this week that more devices would receive Galaxy AI. 2023 Galaxy flagships have already grabbed the AI features, but noticeably, the Galaxy S23 FE is not eligible for the Instant Slow-Mo feature. 

  • Circle and search with Google
  • Live translation, to make voice and text translations of calls in real time;
  • Interpreter, who instantly translates the words of the interlocutors and displays them on a split screen;
  • Chat Assistant in the keyboard, to perfect the tone of the conversation;
  • Notes Assistant, for an AI-generated task summary and for creating templates to take notes with predefined formats;
  • Transcription Assistant to transcribe, summarize and possibly translate voice recordings;
  • generation wallpapers with AI
  • Generative change

Here’s the 2022 Galaxy device that would get Galaxy AI: 

  • Galaxy Tab S8
  • Galaxy Tab S8+
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
  • Galaxy S22
  • Galaxy S22+
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung is also expanding the Galaxy AI to selected devices in 2021, although these devices would only support a few features such as Circle to Search and Magic Rewrite, which is expected to be a messy translation of Generative Edit. 

Here’s the eligible device list for the Galaxy AI in 2021: 

  • Galaxy S21
  • Galaxy S21+
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3

The exact timeline is not clear yet, but it is expected that the Galaxy AI features, along with the One UI 6.1 update, could arrive in early May. 

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One UI 6.1

Samsung would be ready to bring the One UI 6.1 to these other devices as well



Samsung introduced the One UI 6.1 update with its latest Galaxy S24 devices, and after taking a short break, the company expanded to more Galaxy devices and launched back in 2023. Now there is some good news: in the next few days, the company is preparing to expand the One UI 6.1 update to more Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S22, Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Galaxy A54.

According to the tipster, Tarun Vats, Samsung will release the One UI 6.1 update to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Galaxy A54 devices in the coming days. He predicted that the update would be available in several regions of Asia and Europe.

Apart from these, there is no specific information available about the update’s availability; however, observing the pattern reveals that the company is rolling out the update batch-wise. Initially, it expanded the update to the highest devices that were related back in last year, but now it is prepared to release the update to the devices released in 2022.

The One UI 6.1 update will add several new customization features to various existing features, such as wallpaper, lock screen, alarm alerts, stickers, reminders, and many more.

With the latest update, users will also experience improvements in connectivity, such as Quick Share integration with nearby devices, and enhanced convenience in device location through Samsung Find. Along with this, several new AI features will be introduced, but it is not confirmed if every feature will arrive for these devices or if the company will keep some limitations on them. To learn about the features in more detail, you can check out this article.

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